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R Management

Expert Commercial Property Management Services in NYC

Unlock the R Management advantage for unmatched performance on your NYC commercial properties.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cost-Efficient Solutions: Maximize returns and minimize overheads.

  • Eco-Friendly Focus: Embrace sustainable operations to reduce waste.

  • Exceptional Tenant Experiences: Foster lasting relationships with businesses leasing your spaces.

  • Strategic Value Enhancement: Elevate property appeal, occupancy rates, rents, and reviews.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Navigate market challenges and outperform competitors with ease.



Transition to Expert Property Management

Overwhelmed by the nuances of managing your NYC commercial property? Shift from DIY to a professional approach. With insights into technology, laws, and market trends, we’re equipped to elevate your asset's profitability.

Preserve & Enhance Your Investment Legacy

Your commercial assets are more than just buildings—they're a legacy. Rely on our expertise for multi-generational management that ensures consistent returns, sustained income, and appreciating asset value.



Experience Unparalleled Freedom & Peace of Mind

While NYC's commercial real estate remains a hotbed for businesses, you don't have to be anchored here. Whether you're exploring global ventures or seeking a quieter life, trust us with your assets and experience true freedom.


Our Portfolio


We specialize in managing:

  • Office Buildings

  • Commercial Retail Spaces

  • Mixed-Use Properties

  • Onboarding of New Investment Assets

  • Launching New Commercial Developments

Experience the R Management Edge

  • Modern Solutions: Deploy cutting-edge technology for smooth, hassle-free property management.

  • In-depth Local Expertise: Our unparalleled NYC experience ensures your properties are in trusted hands.

  • Extensive Connections: Tap into our network for access to premium vendors, tenants, and industry insights.

Elevate Tenant Relationships

Boost your tenant rapport. Our digital solutions facilitate prompt rent payments, easy communication channels, and streamlined maintenance requests, all crucial for commercial establishments.

Discover the R Management Difference

Reach out today. Let's redefine commercial property management in NYC together.


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Ratner Enterprises 

Real Estate Expertise Tailored For Your 

Unlock solutions to your real estate dilemmas with Ratner Enterprises.

Facing real estate quandaries?

Engage Ratner Enterprises.


Whether you're contemplating a property sale, strategizing an investment, optimizing your real estate portfolio, or navigating intricate title or finance scenarios, we've got you covered.


We serve as your direct link to NYC's foremost real estate mavens, delivering bespoke guidance, utmost confidentiality, and tangible results to address your concerns and fulfill your aspirations.


With over two decades of prowess, our New York real estate connoisseurs furnish unparalleled depth and breadth of insights. We offer sagacious counsel on urgent topics, assist in strategizing fresh ventures, and craft optimal resolutions for almost any challenge in your path.


Engage our expertise without the binds of prolonged commitments or broker commissions. Consult with the city's prime strategists and influencers to access prompt, efficacious assistance.


Our legacy is etched in the successes of numerous local and global property proprietors, purchasers, investors, and builders—often achieving feats they deemed unattainable prior to partnering with us.


Our squad is primed to assist. Reach out via call, email, or our swift-response portal for an exclusive dialogue today...

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1 / What types of properties does R Management specialize in managing?

R Management specializes in a diverse portfolio, including Office Buildings, Commercial Retail Spaces, Mixed-Use Properties, and also assists in the onboarding of new investment assets and the launching of new commercial developments.

2 / How does R Management differentiate itself from other property management companies in NYC?

R Management offers a unique blend of modern technological solutions combined with deep local expertise in the NYC market. We provide cost-efficient and eco-friendly management practices, a focus on creating exceptional tenant experiences, strategic value enhancement of properties, and an unparalleled ability to navigate and adapt to market challenges. Additionally, our extensive connections in the industry give our clients an edge in accessing the best vendors and tenants.

3 / I'm considering transitioning from managing my property to using a professional service. How can R Management assist?

R Management is designed to make the transition from DIY management to professional services seamless. We offer insights into the latest technology, stay updated with changes in laws, and are attuned to market trends. By partnering with us, property owners can elevate the profitability and value of their assets while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with expert management.

4 / What specific real estate challenges does Ratner Enterprises address?

Ratner Enterprises is adept at handling a vast array of real estate challenges. This includes, but is not limited to, assisting in property sales, formulating investment strategies, optimizing real estate portfolios, and navigating intricate scenarios related to titles and finance. With a broad spectrum of expertise, we cater to both typical and unique real estate dilemmas.

5 / How does Ratner Enterprises stand out in the competitive NYC real estate market?

Ratner Enterprises boasts over two decades of experience in the NYC real estate scene. Our unique selling proposition lies in offering clients direct access to the city's top real estate experts. We prioritize tailored guidance, ensuring utmost confidentiality, and delivering tangible results. Moreover, clients can benefit from our insights without the typical obligations of prolonged contracts or the costs of broker commissions.

6 / I've had past experiences where I felt tied down to brokers and long-term agreements. How is Ratner Enterprises different?

Ratner Enterprises understands the value of flexibility and autonomy in decision-making. While we offer the expertise of seasoned real estate professionals, we do not bind our clients to long-term agreements or commissions. Our model is designed to provide clients with premium guidance on-demand, allowing them the freedom to engage our services as needed, without any long-term commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions



Expertise in NYC Market
Innovative Technology
Personalized Service
Comprehensive Portfolio Management
Trusted Vendor Relationships
Proactive Problem-Solving


"I hired David to help me with a problem that I have with some of my real estate bills and with his knowledge and connections he was able to work it out within a couple of weeks. Just wanted to say Big Thank You!."

" I wouldn't resolve the issue I had without David & Eiffel. Thank you so much! Highly Recommended company. 

"David helped me to negotiate my tax lien and some other bills I had. He is a true negotiator and he was able to save me over $65,000 and I was able to get out of debt. Thanks Again!"



For any inquiries, please call or email us:

R Management 

aka Ratner Enterprises, Inc 

o: 1-888-207-1837 (Call or Text)



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