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R Management

Expert Commercial Property Management Services in NYC

Get superior commercial property management service for your NY property with R Management.

Why Us...

Enjoy more cost savings, less waste, deliver a more pleasant and wow experience, increase appeal, keep up occupancy rates, rents and reviews, and net profit.

Keep winning and elevating property performance, no matter what challenges your competition is facing in the market.

Tired Of Managing Your NYC Commercial Property?

We love helping existing commercial landlords transition from "Do It On Your Own"  property management to professional property management.

It takes a lot of work and time, teams of professionals and staying on top of new technology, changes in the law and trends to get the most out of your real estate assets.

After a while, that can become a grind for most Brooklyn landlords. We’re here to help. Let us take on that burden, and make your properties even more profitable than they’ve ever been.

Ensure The Legacy You Really Want To Leave

You’ve worked hard, been disciplined and sacrificed a lot over the years to build a legacy and portfolio that can provide long after you are gone.


We all know that our heirs aren’t always ready to become the most effective real estate managers when it comes time for them to inherit these properties. 

You can count on us to provide effective multi-generational management to ensure your legacy is preserved and realized. We’ll provide the best management available, so asset value is preserved, returns remain strong, and income keeps flowing to take care of your spouse, children and other heirs, as well as any causes you want to support.

Gain Freedom & Peace Of Mind

There is no question that New York real estate will continue to be in demand and highly valuable for many years to come. That doesn’t mean you have to stay here, tied down by your property to enjoy all the benefits.

Whether you just want the freedom to travel, want to retire somewhere sunnier and warmer, or want to relocate your residence for lower taxes, we’ve got you covered!

Let us manage your Brooklyn commercial assets, and gain the freedom and peace of mind to go live life while getting the best results from your investments.

We Manage

Office Buildings, Commercial properties, Entire apartment buildings, townhouses, and mixed-use properties, and onboarding for new investment assets in your portfolio and new building launches.

Leverage Our Advantages

We have all the latest technology and well-honed systems needed to run your income property smoothly. More importantly, we have the local experience needed to do it well. With a leading Brooklyn Brokerage behind us, we continue to be the leading trusted name for prime real estate in NYC, and our connections within the city and internationally afford our clients access to the best vendors and tenants possible.

Resident Experiences to Rave about

Let us bring an amazing tenant experience to your Brooklyn properties. Our software allows your tenants to easily pay rent online and in advance. It makes receiving online shopping packages a breeze and provides them a simple to use the app they can use from their mobile phones or smart home devices to streamline maintenance requests and enjoy other perks and home services, without extra costs to you.

Get in touch today to find out more about the R Management difference and how we can help you operate your properties for better results...

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Ratner Enterprises 

Expert Answers & Solutions For Your Real Estate Challenges


The most effective way to conquer your real estate questions and needs


Have real estate questions?


Put Ratner Enterprises on the case.


From questions about selling or investing in property, needing a better strategy to optimize your portfolio or building, or dealing with title or finance challenges, we can help.


Ratner Enterprises connects you directly with NYC’s leading real estate experts. Get personalized help, discreet confidential service, and real results, to help you champion your questions, and get more of what you want most.


With over 20 years’ experience, our team of NY real estate experts brings an enormous amount of deep and broad expertise to the table. We provide professional advice on pressing matters, consult and provide planning assistance for new ideas, and negotiate excellent solutions for virtually any issue you can encounter.


This is your chance to consult with the pros while retaining your privacy, and without having to commit to long-term agreements and commissions to real estate brokers. 


Tap into the minds and connections of New York City’s top dealmakers and problem solvers to get the help you need, on-demand.


We’ve helped hundreds of local and international property owners, buyers, celebrity tenants, investors, and developers with successful outcomes, often far beyond what they thought possible before coming to us.


Our team is standing by to help. Call, email, or use the quick-response form to connect and arrange a confidential conversation today…



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"I hired David to help me with a problem that I have with some of my real estate bills and with his knowledge and connections he was able to work it out within a couple of weeks. Just wanted to say Big Thank You!."

" I wouldn't resolve the issue I had without David & Eiffel. Thank you so much! Highly Recommended company. 

"David helped me to negotiate my tax lien and some other bills I had. He is a true negotiator and he was able to save me over $65,000 and I was able to get out of debt. Thanks Again!"



For any inquiries, please call or email us:

R Management 

aka Ratner Enterprises, Inc 

o: 1-888-207-1837 (Call or Text)



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